Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The Oman Law Digest 2009

Consumer Protection Law [RD 81/02] entitles consumers to obtain correct information about purchased commodity which must contain label listing particulars in relation to price, date of production and expiry, country of manufacture, conditions and instructions of application, basic components, degree of effectiveness and after sale service. Consumer is entitled to guarantee of quality and agreements depriving consumers of any guarantees are void. Price must be reasonable. Except perishable commodity, defective items must be replaced but within ten days of purchase. All guarantees passed on by original manufacturer must be passed on to consumer. Maximum penalty for violation of law is fine of RO 5,000. Food Safety Law [RD 84/08] deals with various aspects of food products including quality, safety, transportation, import and export. The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources will be issuing executive regulations for the law.