Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The Oman Law Digest 2009

Pursuant to Advocacy Law [RD 108/96 as amended), persons practicing advocacy must be independent; ensure delivery of justice; and uphold rule of law by safeguarding rights of clients. Lawyers must register in lawyers’ register at Ministry of Justice and obtain relevant licence. Legal practice includes: (i) appearing before courts, arbitration panels, and administrative committees; and (ii) providing legal advice. Lawyers may practice individually or in association with other lawyers. Only Omani lawyers are permitted to practice in courts. Omani lawyers may form, among themselves or with non-Omani lawyers, law firms as juristic entities. Names of such entities may be derived from names of partners. Persons holding public office or attached to companies are not permitted to practice. Extensions were granted periodically for compliance with legal requirements relating to bar on non-Omani lawyers practicing in courts and on Omani lawyers practicing in courts for holding public posts or being attached to companies. RD 78/08 extended the deadline for compliance to 31 December 2008. However, RD 140/08 restored the status quo ante by extending time for compliance by vesting the discretion on Council of Ministers to announce a future date.