Monday, November 23, 2015

Law of Muscat Municipality

In line with new plans for a complete restructuring of the strategies and objectives of Muscat Municipality (the “Municipality”), 3812015 came into effect on the 13 October 2015, thereby replacing the RD 8/1992.

The new law aims to achieve greater efficiencies. It specifies that the Municipality shall achieve its objectives by utilizing the funds allocated to it by the State, the profits incurred from its investments and the general revenue that the Municipality collects from fees and charges.

The Municipality is one of the units that make up the Sultanate’s administrative apparatus and enjoys its own separate corporate, administrative and financial personality. The Municipality is supervised by the Minister of the Diwan Royal Court and the jurisdiction of the Municipality is within the boundaries of the Governorate of Muscat (“Muscat”) (as described in RD 114/2011, which sets out the boundaries of each Governorate in the Sultanate Oman).

The Municipality is generally concerned with matters specific to Muscat, including but not limited to:

  • creating plans and implementing strategies for the benefit of Muscat and for Oman’s economy and development in general;
  • improving the general consciousness of citizens and residents regarding charity and other work that emphasizes the general well-being and development of Oman as a whole; and
  • taking the necessary measures for the general health and well-being of Muscat’s residents including general environmental cleanliness.
Moreover, the Municipality is tasked with issuing and supervising commercial licenses for each commercial entity in Muscat as well as supervising the products, factories, shops and employees in the food and health sector within Muscat. The Municipality is also assigned with various other functions specified in the law.