Monday, October 19, 2009

H1N1 Workplace Readiness Plans

Globally, businesses are preparing plans for dealing with outbreaks of H1N1 at work. Businesses in Oman should also consider implementing readiness plans for dealing with an outbreak and for complying with the Omani Labour Law.

Article 87 of the Labour Law requires employers to provide a clean and safe workplace. H1N1 readiness plans for companies may include:

  • A communicable disease policy, that requires sick employees to stay home from work without fear of losing their jobs;

  • Employee education regarding the spread of flu and how to recognize symptoms;

  • Other methods for reducing the spread of disease, including air ventilation and purifying systems, hand sanitizers, etc.;

  • Work arrangements such as telecommuting which reduce personal contact, as well as other limitations on non-essential travel;

  • A plan for how essential business operations will continue if there is an increase in employee absence.