Friday, February 20, 2009

Doing Business in Oman: Electronic Transactions

Companies doing business in Oman that wish to conduct electronic transactions can take advantage of the legal framework provided in the Electronic Transactions Law (Royal Decree 69/08). The Electronic Transactions Law sets a uniform standard for e-commerce transactions and makes it easier for companies to conduct business electronically. For example, the law provides the following benefits:

  • Removal of obstacles to electronic transactions, such as writing and signing requirements;
  • Provision of a uniform standard for authentication of electronic records;
  • Detailing of security measures, including an encryption standard to ensure confidentiality of transactions; and
  • Allowing private entities to sign binding contracts on the internet.
The law aims to:
  • Facilitate electronic transactions and the transfer of electronic documents;
  • Eliminate obstacles to electronic transactions;
  • Minimize forgery and fraud in electronic transactions;
  • Standardize rules and regulations for security and authentication of electronic documents; and
  • Boost consumer confidence and public confidence in the security and validity of electronic transactions.
Companies wishing to engage in electronic transactions can rely on the comprehensive legal framework provided by the Electronic Transactions Law, which has now been in effect for more than six months.